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The nurse is one of my 2020 One Star Rating shirt . but I don’t use add ons, so it’s not that big of a deal. If anything, it’ll just make my Nurse stronger since the add ons will be usable, and I have so many of them. Especially since some of the common add ons are becoming ultra-rare, I should have a good number of ultra rares after the change. We’ll see what the recharge rate is like, but I don’t think it’ll affect my playstyle much. It’s only 3 seconds, but I guess it’ll depend on when the recharge starts, and if blinks continue recharging while you’re blinking.

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I would say in 2 weeks it may be released in live or since it is already close to it may come sooner than we think 2020 One Star Rating shirt . looking forward to seeing the PTB and can finally see if you buy the pass with shards. Probably something like the new BNP. When triggering the “install” heal while healing, you have to perform 3 hard skill checks that heal you 25% each. It won’t deplete the medkit anymore and if you stop during the “install” heal or miss the skill check, the add on gets lost. The was definitely better than Spirit, she needed a nerf for a very long time now. I think your comment highlights a big problem though. We need more viable killers. The timing of the visual effects for the blink reappearance has been adjusted so that the Nurse becomes visible just before the end of the blink. This allows players to react appropriately and avoid situations where they are hit or blocked by the collision of the Nurse before they can see her.
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