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8 bit Allen shirt .is able to save on added fees like import tax, and retails for $360 per unit. Additionally, because it’s portable and solar powered, the Besides,I will do this device can be used at home by parents living in remote areas with limited or inconsistent access to electricity. Oboro and her team, including pediatricians and healthcare workers, are now developing protective eyewear for babies to use in the phototherapy units. “Seeing devices coming out that will solve that problem is very exciting,” says Amadi, adding that he would be interested in testing the technology in the practices he oversees. He says innovations like Crib A’Glow could be used in tandem with conventional phototherapy machines, allowing babies to begin jaundice treatment in a hospital and to finish at home. “Such technology needs to be supported and production scaled up to tackle neonatal conditions in Nigeria,” he adds.

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  8 bit Allen shirt .An award-winning design The Crib A’Glow innovation has received award grants including $50,000 from Johnson and Johnson’s Africa Innovation Award. Most recently, the device was selected as a finalist for the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize 2022. Tiny Hearts isn’t the only company trying to improve the treatment of neonatal jaundice. In the US, Little Sparrows Technologies has created the portable “BiliHut” which also uses high-intensity LEDs and allows for at-home treatment, while in India, D-Rev and Phoenix Medical Systems came up with a low-cost phototherapy light stand for emerging markets. “It was not an easy thing to get them to test the unit, because the perception was if it was made in Nigeria, it probably would not work well.” Virtue Oboro, founder, Tiny Hearts While the Crib A’Glow might seem like an ingenious solution, Oboro says
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3 reviews for 8 bit Allen shirt

  1. mamuka bogveradze

    Bought this for my grandson who is turning 11. Appears to be a good quality. I bought a Men’s small and worried that it might be too big but once I got it, I think it will be a great fit. Happy with it.

  2. Steve Maher

    good good good

  3. Brian Brown

    I liked the shirt, it is not that true to size but it works.
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