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y comparison Baby Groot is my spirit animal shirt . Damien Hirst’s is another. The piece that has stuck with me. It also made me think… about health, about the tobacco industry, and about addiction. It’s not a great show of prowess either – like the pile of silly string, much of it is just a pile of used cigarettes. But the artist also took the time to create the giant ashtray to scale with a real one. Given the raw materials, probably most of us could make something that looks something like it in about a day but that’s not the point. The point is that you can clearly see the artist trying to express something to their audience.

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And it’s OK that what that specific Baby Groot is my spirit animal shirt . Thing is can be to interpretation. But there was some effort not just to communicate but to transform something from an idea into reality. And I think that might be the best distinction of all. Good art makes you think about things. It invites you to ask questions, consider new points of view, think about things you might not think about otherwise. Bad art may have the same staying power, but it invites you to consider only itself. Yet you have remembered and shared all three pieces with us, random strangers, on the internet. Each one stuck in your memory for a different reason, but they stuck there all the same. I am now also reacting to pieces through you. I also bet that you have told other people about those pieces. Those pieces that you hated (perfectly fair opinion) helped you to form your “ten-minute” definition of what makes something “good art”. In order to formulate what you consider to be good art, you first had to define some stuff as “bad art”. You are entitled to say that you think it is unoriginal, or asinine, or hacky, or uninteresting, or offensive, or low-effort, but none of those things make it “not art”. Do you see what I mean? Perhaps you now realize that those pieces had a larger impact on your perception of art than you would like to admit.
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