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Dad style has been a Baphomet Bowl O Rama Bowling shirt . strangely popular aesthetic this past year. The trend first took off in the sneaker world, which saw the rise of “ugly-chic” designs that nod to those chunky New Balance runners worn by all dads everywhere. Balenciaga’s triple-S sneaker was one of the first to hit the scene, and those clunkers have since been worn by fashion girls such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

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Now, Jenner is taking the movement even further by wearing yet another fatherly staple: the worn-in bomber jacket Baphomet Bowl O Rama Bowling shirt .Stepping out in New York City last night, the model wore an oversize brown bomber—its leather looking a tad weathered, as though it had been plucked from a zaddy who’s been wearing it since the ’80s. Dadcore is similar to normcore, though it’s less deliberately bland and more cheekily dated. To offset her jacket’s retro feel, Jenner styled it with a tie-dye T-shirt—spring’s must-have piece!—classic blue jeans, and sleek black ankle boots.Whether Jenner’s bomber was a vintage find or bought straight off a current-season rack is still a mystery. But one thing is clear: raiding your pops’s wardrobe may just result in some fruitful finds. After all, as seen on an It girl like Jenner, an old, dusty piece of outerwear can end up looking surprisingly chic.George and Amal Clooney are one of Hollywood’s most stealthy-chic couples. Whenever they hit the red carpet together, they often veer towards a quiet, luxurious aesthetic: George will wear a suit that’s fitted to perfection, and Amal never fails to look perfectly elegant. They just have that universal style appeal that one can’t help but appreciate—and today, the power duo continued on with their flawless streak attending the premiere of Clooney’s new film, “Catch 22,” in Hollywood, California.For the appearance, Amal wore a silk taffeta cocktail dress
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3 reviews for Baphomet Bowl O Rama Bowling shirt

  1. Bastian Bender

    I bought this to purposefully be oversized so I order a size XL. It’s very comfortable and holds up well in the wash. It’s a conversation starter and always a big hit. I like to wear with my bicycle yoga shorts.


    I purchased this shirt for my niece who is a huge fan. Her and her friends love it

  3. Lindale King

    Good quality teeshirt with non fading letters, good deal for someone looking for hip hop style shirts. Also, fast delivery

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