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If it’s a snapper Caffeine Elixer Coffee Halloween shirt . it’s pretty confident that it can injure any/all of those dogs badly enough that they will give up before they manage to hurt it. Snapping turtles are mean, tough bastards. Turtles are secret badasses and I think the turtle knows that the dogs aren’t aggressive, just spooked. I remember when I was a little kid I got to hold a tiny softshell turtle at like a. So I decided (as a dumbass little kid does) to put my finger right next to its mouth. You’ll never guess what happened. Mom felt very guilty after that. I was actually kinda nervous for it, those dogs could’ve made real quick work of it. Poor Lil guy is staying still waiting for an opportunity to get the hell out of there.

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Caffeine Elixer Coffee Halloween Hoodie
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Forget it, I was scared for the dogs Caffeine Elixer Coffee Halloween shirt . That’s a softshell turtle and they are definitely bitey. And they have really long necks, so even if that dog had nudged the back of its shell he would’ve gotten a good nip for sure. Just because it doesn’t look like it’ll bite doesn’t mean it won’t. In the southern US, softshells can fuck stuff up with their bite. They are definitely bitey, just not on the. I was halfway expecting this dude to fly off into the water like a speedboat. Yeah, whenever I see a turtle I just assume it can rip some part of me off like I’m a piece of jerky and give it the respectful distance it deserves. This is blocked in my country… But I’ll assume I was wrong. It depends on the turtle, really. Tortoises are a lot more friendly in my experience. One of my Desert Tortoises will excitedly come up to anyone who walks into my backyard and beg for neck scritches or blueberries. He’s like a big, slow, armored puppy. The other one is smaller and will hide in the. And then she’ll chill out and let you do whatever you want. You must offer her tiding if you wish to be graced with her presence. Fitting that her name is Cleopatra. He actually talks about that in one of his commentated episodes. I don’t remember whose idea it was but basically those are the nice lightweight shirts good for most environments.
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