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I’m confused as chicken with santa claus xmas shirt . to  how he thinks his privacy was violated. She was already in the room with him. It’s not like she sneaked off with them one time, made copies, and broke into his apartment with coffee while he was asleep. OP sounds like someone who needs to be in control of any given situation. I would be surprised if he actually thinks it’s violating his privacy, but he’s using that term to loosely hang on to any sense of self-righteousness he’s feeling right now. He knows somewhere in the back of his mind that he has no ground to stand on.

chicken with santa claus xmas shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

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Classic Ladies
chicken with santa claus xmas Hoodie
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Long Sleeve
chicken with santa claus xmas Sweatshirt
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This hit the nail on the  head chicken with santa claus xmas shirt . It’s pretty much human nature to have a gut reaction and then try to rationalize it afterward, but you need to be able to admit when your gut reaction was wrong. It could also be a form of anxiety, OCD, or a trust/trauma issue. Any which way OP, YTA, but for you to feel like this means you aren’t firing on all cylinders. You need some help. Text an apology, and then seek some help. It’s 8 months into a relationship and he doesn’t trust her with keys and an ID.And then like the  edit just makes it worse IMO bc he says she could have either lost them or had them stolen from her and like if they got stolen from her I would imagine she would have gotten mugged bc I don’t see her setting them down anywhere to go order some coffee and pastries to go, at least I never set my keys down when ordering or grabbing something to go. So like if she got mugged and they were stolen would he not be more concerned about her welfare than his keys?
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