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For starters it was two Come In Come On Velvet Revolver shirt. groups of young people arguing in both groups brandishing weapons at each other. If you recall tho, when people were protesting jobs opening masks were still on theFurthermore, I will do this up n up if they were needed or not. Lol, education, voting by mail, windmills,the brown people, the Chinese people,universal healthcare, working women, cell phone antennas,and wearing masks. Gee aren’t you the trumpsters afraid of the blacks, the LGBTQ community’s, vaccines, Bill Gates chips. Why Because covid is not going to be around long enough to make laws for. We will all get it at some point and over 98 percent will live. Obviously Putin has some magnificently terrible dirt on TrumpCDC website shows death rates plummeting over the last few months. While THOUSANDS of Americans died last week from covid, Trashy Trump was screaming WHITE POWER. CNN and Anderson Cooper is a lying machine as soon as they open their mouths nothing but lies come out. Just love these filthy people who crawl from under their rocks and tell us what to believe. Cooper it is 99% harmless, stop trying to paralyze this nation by using isolated incidence and making it look like that every person who gets covid ends up in hospital and dies. What did they start a go fund me off of lies too He came on TV in my hospital room, and l got up and put my foot through the TV.

Come In Come On Velvet Revolver shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Unisex Black
Unisex Black
Ladie Tee Black
Ladie Tee Black
Longsleeve Tee Black
Longsleeve Tee Black
Hoodie Black
Hoodie Black
Sweatshirt Black
Sweatshirt Black

For safety and people wear them Come In Come On Velvet Revolver shirt. it stops more people from dying in crashes. Most automobile deaths can be prevented, but you dont see people crying about it and those deaths come to the Furthermore, I will do this tune of about 35k per year. We will all get it at some point and over 98 percent will live. I’m waiting to see other parasites being paid by CNN and the Hypocrisy Party to spread their dirty propaganda. If you vote Democrat Marxist in November, blame no one but yourself for the consequences. The Far Left Wing Extremist Fake News Media will leave no rock unturned in their relentless quest to destroy the American Economy. Same logic used by Obama back in 09 with n1h1 that killed 100’s of children. A medically induced coma helps doctors treat an illness and lowers the risk factor to the patient, once the patient is coming out the incubation is removed. Go to medical school first before making comments, they don’t paralyze your throat for incubation. Same with his voice, they have to paralyze your throat for the breathing tube. Haha what about the 587,675 people that aren’t talking any more due to this little bug.


  1. Michael Maggs

    I was very excited and pleased to get these clothes. Price for all three was really great for my budget. Thanks

  2. Steve Maher

    Awesome shirt and fits perfect!!

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