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New Yorkers who are Deandre hopkins free dhop shirt . used to having access to everything!. haven’t been able to shop the bags IRL until now. Uniform just opened a pop-up inside the Webster in SoHo, complete with brand-new styles, colors, and a rainbow of monogram options (including the Webster’s beloved flamingo, bien sûr). Signoles is expecting the monogram machine to be put to good use; the U.S. has been L/Uniform’s biggest e-commerce market thus far, and personalization is a big draw. “Americans love special orders!” she said. “They love mixing different canvas colors and monogram colors.

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They play around with /Uniform, and I love that Deandre hopkins free dhop shirt .”Signoles was in New York to celebrate the pop-up with an intimate preview and lunch, and to meet her is to be fully convinced that you, too, need a monogrammed tote in your life. She was dressed in silk Prada pajamas in her favorite shade of pale pink (even her business cards are pink!) and a stack of gold bangles. The fact that blush is also the Webster’s signature shade is a nice coincidence. “I don’t really work with many department stores, because I like to have my own stuff and create my own [atmosphere], and I need my monogram machines,” Signoles said. “But [Webster owner] Laure [Hériard Dubreuil] is one of the best.” The Webster isn’t like most department stores, of course; the vibe is less “multibrand boutique,” more artful, rose-tinted pied-à-terre. Uniform’s pop-up is situated on the third floor in a sunny corner with turquoise floral wallpaper and a plush carpet in (what else?) pink. Signoles pointed out L/Uniform’s new “tool bag,” plus a brand-new colorway across all of the bags: olive canvas with emerald leather trim. “This is what I’ve been wearing every day, and the green is really like a neutral,” she explained.In addition to the Seoul shop, Signoles is working on a collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara and likely has a stand-alone New York shop on her mind, too. For now, she’s excited to see how the Webster’s clients mix and match their Uniform suitcases, crossbodies, and beach bags. “It used to be that customers wanted all of their bags to match in the same colors,” she said. “But now, people are mixing them up. I love when people choose a colorful canvas and a totally different color for their initials.”
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  1. Tyler Almeida

    I LOVE IT!!!! the size small is a little under the belt but that exactly what i wanted.


    Overly great from the size to how lightweight and extremely comfortablw to wear.

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