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ATC is the on the ground Frontline Warrior shirt . They know exactly what to do, including when to just be quiet. Hindsight, I was so overwhelmed I didn’t even think to ask for help. However, if I asked they would have. I just fell back to the very basics of flying, aviate, navigate, communicate. I’m a CFI at this point and I’m flying with a student. We see a spider in the cockpit. I’m ok with spiders but I don’t want it distracting the student so I mash it. The student missed the spider but saw my movement and asked what it was. I responded “It was a spider, I killed it” as I’m glancing into the backseat area. I manage to casually add “…why, are you scared of spiders?” without the student noticing the break in the sentence. Turns out the student is scared of spiders.

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Frontline Warrior Classic Women's T-shirt
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Frontline Warrior Long Sleeved T-shirt
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Frontline Warrior Unisex Sweatshirt
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Frontline Warrior Unisex Hoodie
Unisex Hoodie
Frontline Warrior Classic Men's T-shirt
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Frontline Warrior Cloth Face Mask
Cloth Face Mask

You can one in a car?? I have to pull over immediately or I will wreck Frontline Warrior shirt . Then I bust out and just sort of pace around with a pitiful worried look on my face until it crawls back out of sight. Then later I have my bf inspect my car for squatters. I realize how dumb I make myself look, but any time I see a bug I’m not down with (which is most of them) I become that Mr. Krabbs meme, frozen in time while the world spins around me, and I quit breathing for a second. It’s sheer terror in its purest form. I wish I were exaggerating. I’d honestly be more than likely to pass out. I can’t do spiders. Mentally, emotionally. Just can’t. I imagine I’d get as far as “a fucking NEST of spiders? I was in the of getting my PPL. Private pilot license) and I was flying circuits solo. Before I took off, the CFO of the flight school asked me if “I was sure it was a good idea to fly, it’s pretty windy”. I was flying a Cessna 152 on a day with the wind pushing 15 kts and turbulence around 20. I honestly don’t know what I or anyone at the flight school was thinking letting me (16 years old) take off. All of this took place in a span of about 5 seconds. I remember what I did, but not thinking about doing it. It was like when you drive somewhere and you suddenly realize you’ve arrived without remembering driving.
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