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Grab ’em by the ballot box shirt .down after coming from Polish air space had appeared to be surveilling the also I will do this military training center that Russia attacked on Sunday, according to the Wall Street Journal. Croatia’s defense minister Mario Banozic said the drone that crashed in an urban part of Zagreb flew through three NATO countries after leaving Ukrainian airspace, according to the Associated Press. While the defense minister said the drone was armed with an explosive device, Stoltenberg told reporters it appeared to be unarmed. “There are elements that indicated it could have come from both” Ukraine and Russia, Bonozic said. Striking video from above shows bomb strike on Russian forces hiding in forest 00:57 Stoltenberg said that the NATO’s air and missile defenses tracked the “the flight path of an object” that had entered Romanian airspace on Sunday, and Romanian fighter aircraft scrambled to investigate. He said NATO was reviewing both the Romanian and Croatian incidents. The current assessment of NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, officials said, is that “currently there is no threat to NATO as such. Not a deliberate threat by Russia. Russia is occupied for the time being with Ukraine.” But there are of course risks, the officials added, which is why there are now discussions about moving NATO’s defensive systems further east. “As we have now seen that Russia is prepared to use again, in the middle of Europe, military means to achieve political goals, it is worthwhile, and it

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  Grab ’em by the ballot box shirt .will be discussed, to move forward the also I will do this integrated air and missile defense system to cover the areas that are adjacent to Russia,” one of the officials said. Those areas include Belarus and potentially Ukraine, he added. Jeff Edmonds, a senior analyst at the Center for a New American Security and former director for Russia on the National Security Council, said the risk to NATO territory will only increase as Russian forces move further west — and closer to the delivery of weapons that NATO is providing to Ukrainian forces. “If and when they make progress toward the west, the more they’ll probably feel they have the freedom of maneuvering to engage things coming across the border,” Edmonds said of Russian forces. “One scenario here is that Russia strikes — not really caring what side of the border — as long as it hits the target, figuring they can call the bluff of the US and NATO not calling for a full-fledged war.” Asked about Poland’s call on Wednesday to send NATO forces into Ukraine on a “peacekeeping” mission, the NATO military officials suggested such a plan would be untenable. “We are looking at two nation states that are in a war. If they agree on a reliable and robust peace settlement, I do not necessarily see a need for a peacekeeping mission,” one of the officials said. “And if you are looking at the other version of ‘peacekeeping,’ which is actually ‘peace enforcement,’ I mean, that is war with Russia.” “We would then have to ‘protect,’” the official explained, “and then shoot, and then kill, and then destroy.” . PAID CONTENT Discover the Most Luxurious Homes in Dubai Why is Everyone in Gia Nghia Going Crazy Over This Inexpensive Smartwatch? Smartwatch Advisor The gloves that everyone over 45 should have! Boolex Sport Gloves See how the Ukrainian army is defending itself against Russia
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