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What amazing balance Great shirt bro shirt . You’ve got a fearless one on your hands. Pausing mid-walk and not going straight to butt: champion. I have a . Because she’s so happy her parents and brothers are home every days. Bahaha, our 4-year-old did the same today: “I like the virus I like a sickness I get to watch shows with mom and dad…”. So wrong, but I get it, kid. Isn’t ring around the Rosie a game that came from the bubonic plague? Maybe something new will come from this virus! I watched that whole fucking video. I don’t know whether I should hate myself for watching it all or hate them for making a pop-metal song about chocolate.

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Unrelated to corona but when we play with our 4yo we pretend to die so she can save us and now when she wants to play that she yells “die daddy die!!” Great shirt bro shirt . I have watched frozen at least 700 times. And then frozen 2 came out… And I’ve watched that about the . My wife and I both normally work Monday-Friday while our son is at daycare. One of my biggest fears was that I would miss his biggest milestones while working. Working from home during quarantine these past few weeks with little man has been trying at times, but getting to see him in between the monotony of meetings that should have email has been amazing. That’s fantastic. So happy for you! Eighteen years from now, you’ll be submitting this clip to his high school virtual yearbook! No daycare or anything previously, so the super social interactions were her high points. Don’t worry!! I’m 25 now, but I feel like the. Those were the times I really learned what’s right, what’s wrong, how to joke around and have fun. Looking back now I wish I had a prolonged period of time to spend with just my family and me when I was young. It sucks that it’s happening in a global emergency, but I’m sure your little girl will look back on these times as a really fond memory.
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