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I really needed Greauxgu Baton Rouge shirt . this chapter, right this moment. Thank you. I’ve been going through some shite this week, and I’m currently expecting a phone call that isn’t going to go well. This is exactly what I needed to move my. So thank you, for another amazing chapter of this amazing story. I think I really related to the doctor here, but simply because he seemed so saddened by something he wished he hadn’t done, which I identify with right now. I hope to see more of him, maybe perhaps him getting out from under the Devil. Sadly, Jessica seemed kind of the one-dimensional villain we first expected in her talk with him this chapter, which isn’t the Jessica Morgan we’ve come to know.

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Just some clumsy writing and editing on my part is the real answer Greauxgu Baton Rouge shirt . Upon reflection, not enough real-estate was devoted to the scene and her internal dialogue/thoughts were eliminated. On one hand, it does present a good . However, that wasn’t the case. The purpose of the scene was to officially introduce the concept of the Porkie SLAM missiles and other exotic weaponry that the Porkies are going to be fielding. It really didn’t give a good insight into Jessica’s internal thoughts. She was just discussing the equipment of killing with one of her chief scientists and to introduce that character. I may revisit the scene but it’s likely going to be a bit clunky no matter what I do. Think a whole other aftermath scene with just Jessica after the call ends would do better to complete her dimensions and give more weight to her emotions. Give us more of a view of that call as just an image she’s pushing to the doctor. I have the character capacity to tack it on! If I can get one together quickly enough I will add it. If not I will make it the. I have a lot of stuff I want to cover. Honestly, it’s best to have it be the opener on the next chapter for continuity’s sake. And honestly, sometimes that’s the best way to fix an excerpt that you find ‘clunky’. The tag on an additional bit that gives it so much more depth, and to be fair if one focuses on that last segment as being the doctors.
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