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Gustavo Frig Get Back To Work Breaking Bad shirt .reports of Russian soldiers who were surprised to learn they had invaded a country rather than taken part in a training exercise. Others have abandoned their posts. Why did Russia’s army perform so poorly? Among the  in contrast I will get this most detailed and engaging analyses cataloging Russia’s foibles is an excellent conversation between retired Gen. David Petraeus, who formerly headed the CIA and commanded US forces in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the journalist Peter Bergen. Read it here via Opinion. Petraeus praised the determination of the Ukrainians: “They are fighting for their national survival, their homeland and their way of life, and they have the home-field advantage, knowing the terrain and communities.” But he also described the Russian army’s shortcomings, which begin with the fact that some portion of it — a quarter, according to one estimate — is made up of conscripts rather than professional soldiers. The US, too, has a selective service for all American men in case a draft is ever needed. But while the American draft has been dormant since Vietnam, young Russian men may serve one-year rotations in the military. That’s barely enough to get them out of basic training and into a unit, Petraeus said. The Russians have had problems with intelligence, communications and vehicles getting stuck in traffic jams, stuck in the mud and breaking down. “So in every single area of evaluation, the Russians, starting with their intelligence assessments and understanding of the battlefield and their adversary, and then every aspect of the campaign, all the way down to small unit operations, have proved woefully inadequate,” Petraeus argued. While they have up to 150,000 troops involved in Ukraine, that’s not nearly enough to occupy Kyiv, much less the entire country, he said. An incapable Russian army is not entirely good news “Failing militaries can be even more dangerous than successful ones,” writes Kori Schake, director of foreign and defense policy at the American Enterprise Institute, in The

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  Gustavo Frig Get Back To Work Breaking Bad shirt .Washington Post. It is exactly their incompetence that could make this war so devastating, she argues. “There’s reason to worry that the in contrast I will get this ineptitude and lack of professionalism that Russian forces have displayed in the first three weeks of the conflict are making fighting considerably more brutal for civilians than a more competent military would — and increasing the prospects that the war escalates.” The strategy is now to terrorize Retired Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt was asked Thursday on about the seemingly indiscriminate use of imprecise weapons in civilian areas, something he said must be intentional. “Their job is to terrorize the population. They’re trying to make sure that the cities are shelled, that the people see this kind of shock and they want the city to capitulate. They want to surround it. They want to shell it. They want to starve it, and the Russians then will storm it. This is intentional, and whether these (are) dumb bombs or precision weapons, it doesn’t matter.” Photos of a bombed theater housing children seeking refuge in the city of Mariupol, a bombed maternity ward and bombed apartment buildings have renewed calls for war crimes prosecutions. But they are also evidence of desperation on the part of the Russians. “To me, as a layman, I am not haggling over war crimes because that’s clearly what the Russians have resorted to,” James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, said Thursday on . “And the reason for it, of course, is the fact they essentially failed in a conventional, tactical attack, so they’re resorting to what they can do, which is wanton destruction and the killing of innocent civilians.” Fear can work both ways Clearly, from the accounts of captured soldiers, this war caught many Russians by surprise. Ukrainians can build that into their defense strategy. “What Ukrainians need to do is instill fear in the heads of every soldier that around the corner is some civilian or some member of the military who is going to attack them,”
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  1. Elizabeth Martin

    The shirt is pretty cool its not the cheap cotton that a lot of shirts are made out of. I normally wear a large but from reading the reviews the shirt was fit a little big so I bought a medium and it fit perfectly.

  2. Anita-Lee Bassett

    Great hoodies. Daughter getting tons of compliments for unique design.

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