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Can you imagine what Joe biden forty six 46th face mask shirt . Cam Newton could do with a Patriots caliber O-Line? And also Edelman? And a credible defense? I didn’t expect Cam to take a deal with us given our cap woes, but this is brilliant for us. At worst it’s some tough competition for Stid, and at best one of the most physically gifted QBs of the past decade. It’s good for Stid to have another year to learn under a vet like Cam. On the other hand, we have yourself a QB LFG!! As sure as I am that many people in the sub, including me, would love to win another ring with Cam, it’s probably not gonna happen with this Patriots team. Not with talent Baltimore and Kansas City have at their disposal.

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Panthers fan here! Hoping for the great success at his new home. Really glad he got a  good shot in a stable organization. If Cam goes crazy this year and wins the division the hate is going to be through the roof, imagine a Cam Newton Patriots against a Tom Brady Bucs super bowl, that’s my wet dream right there. That would arguably be the biggest game in sports history. The first home team in a super bowl is an aging vet in his first year in a new uni against his old coach and a player who never recovered from a previous SB loss? The unreal story right there if it came true.To be fair any offer Cam was going to get, whether from our team or another, would definitely have to be incentive-laden. He’s an unbelievable athlete with playoff experience but an injury list as long as the Oxford dictionary. Nobody was going to give him guarantees at this point without some insight into his longevity. I would say I agree in the current market, but that changes as you get closer to the season. Does your star QB get coronavirus? Does your star QB take an injury?
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