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It’s almost time Time Kote Gaeshi Vintage shirt . to do the Time Warp again! And again! And again! Time to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show either at home or at a midnight screening, and see if you can remember all the callbacks you knew in college (though for some of us, they are very outdated).I’m sure some of those who are reading this go to Rocky Horror on a more regular basis than once a year. Maybe you’re even in the cast that performs along with the show. It still amazes me that a movie released over 40 years ago can still get butts in seats ever at midnight showings ever week in almost every major city in the United States.

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Even when I was going, way back in the mythical time of the 1980s, people were saying that the cult film would soon be replaces by others Kote Gaeshi Vintage shirt . I’d say Pricilla Queen of the Desert and Repo The Genetic Opera have give Rocky a run for his money. But like the boxer of the same name, Rocky has yet to go down for the count.When October rolls around, there is even a greater interest in this cult classic. Yeah, it’s kind of like those who only go to church on Christmas, but the more audience the better.And it’s the only time of year you’ll hear “The Time Warp” played on the radio. Though I think Science Fiction Double Feature is a better Halloween song. The entire soundtrack still holds up after all these years.If you can catch a theatrical version of it, that may be even better (as long as they’re OK with call backs, but no throwing things!). But I’d avoid the version Fox did last year, thought it had some good parts, I’d still suggest the original to anybody wanting to view it.Rocky Horror may be about removing as much clothing as possible, you may make an exception for the cool t-shirts I rounded up. They may make somebody want to toucha-toucha-touch you!
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