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If a 14-year-old girl Lythero’s gear merch dunk shirt . isn’t ready to hear that her aunt’s a porn star from her family. In a private, controlled , then she definitely isn’t ready to deal with a public trial-by-fire through message. From classmates and graphic videos of her aunt circulated through her school. She’s being bullied at school because of it and punished at home for lashing out instead of “seeing the light.” So much this^ the aunt signed up for sex work as an adult and doesn’t have to deal with the cruel teasings and mockery day in and day out. It’s only a matter of time before one of those asshole kids.

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Photoshops your daughter’s head on the body from a frame of one of her porn videos and texts it to everyone Lythero’s gear merch dunk shirt . Kids are the WORST. Also, please consider the girl’s age and time of year. She’s probably starting or about to start high school (14 is generally a freshman). With this hot nonsense happening to her. Three months a huge chunk of her social life which is already in shambles because of this boy and the cruelty of children. She said something stupid in the heat of the moment. Ground her for a week or two, but three months to a 14-year-old (who is being bullied for. Something she has no control over and starting high school) is very excessive. Punishing this child for having a justified emotional response. That could have been by OP having an adult conversation about social media, is wrong. This is OP’s fault. OP needs to own up to it, apologize, and work with the daughter to figure out how best to fix it. I don’t get why these parents don’t realize that all the daughter. Able to see is that her Aunty is literally ruining her life right now. It would be beyond the capacity of any 14 years old to expect them to be able to see anything beyond that. Poor thing’s probably being sexually harassed about it when she just wants to go to school and get an education.
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