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I don’t know Nice this Grandma Is Fabulous Shirt . if he’s necessarily evil, I think the necklace awoke the ‘demon’ within him. I have a feeling the contents of the necklace. When pressed against a pretender for a period of time either kills them or causes them great pain. I think he was just slowly turning on Leah due to previous situations too. Such as being shown the. Shown by his previous reaction & by Dale asking for it, potentially to stop or demobilize him. I think he’s been misinterpreting Leah’s attempts to help as attacks – and much like when Mr. Scratch snapped after another accidental attack, I feel like it must’ve been a similar case with the cowboy.

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But not in a good way Nice this Grandma Is Fabulous Shirt . He’s had his eyes on her from the start! No wonder Dale was warning about being screwed over. I think the Cowboy acted on his own though. Upper Management told Dale to let Leah go. The Cowboy was surprised when Leah told him she was leaving, and THEN he acted to turn her. So I don’t know that the 3 Fae are part of Upper Management, otherwise, the . And it’s not like he was targeting ANY victim, but Leah. He knew she was so close to being free, and then he forced her to swap spit so the pretender process could be amplified. I’m also really digging that my most upvoted comment on this update has to do with consent. I was thinking maybe it was because it was away from her face/head area and he could get close enough. Or maybe something from upper management overtook him and made him do it against his will like they do with Dale. I’m not sure at this point, I have a lot of theories…like maybe this is the. Maybe he did it in the bathroom which is why she had the metallic taste in her mouth. I’m thinking maybe he’s had his eyes on her from the beginning maybe and just was doing all the other stuff trying to gain her trust and keep her alive to turn her. Just a thought I am throwing out there. I don’t really know where I am going with this but maybe it will spark some theories.
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