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So, how short is short? And how can those Play To Win Basketball shirt of us who are time-poor (or exercise-averse) reap the and I will buy this benefits? Below, some of the science to illustrate how exercise snacks of 10 minutes or less can make all the difference. Turns out that even a four-second burst of intense exercise can make us fitter. A small 2021 study saw a group of young, healthy individuals in their twenties cycle at maximum effort for four seconds, then rest for around 15 to 30 seconds, 30 times, thrice weekly—amounting to two minutes of intense exercise three times a week, or six minutes total per week. Findings showed improved cardio and anaerobic power (meaning they could generate more power with less oxygen), and while it’s important to note the participants were already young and fit, the research nonetheless suggests that even as little as two minutes of really intense HIIT exercise can pay dividends.

Play To Win Basketball shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Classic Men’s
Classic Men’s
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Classic Ladies
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Longsleeve Tee

A study published Play To Win Basketball shirt in December 2022 by Nature Medicine (which surveyed the and I will buy this fitness tracking records of over 25,000 people with an average age of 60, who didn’t regularly exercise), found that small bursts of movement throughout the day—be that two minutes of fast walking or quickly climbing the stairs—showed a 50 percent decrease in death from cardiovascular problems and a further 40 percent decrease in the risk of dying from cancer, compared to those who had no spurts of movement at all. Put simply, even the smallest amounts of exercise can increase our life expectancy—so next time you’re faced with the choice of “stairs or elevator?” always choose the former.



    Awesome shirt for last minute costume at a great price. Fits true to size and colors don’t fade after several washes.

  2. Anita-Lee Bassett

    Very cute top, soft material and the print looks amazing. The top is a very generous size.

  3. Bastian Bender

    I love this shirt,the material feels good, its a nice fit and its different. I haven’t seen anyone wearing this.

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