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We hate the in addition Santa Claus Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Christmas 2022 shirt. I really love this rule, and think it’s stupid. Reason being, it is nonsensical to think that students benefit from carrying everything in their arms. Especially for AP classes, students are expected to carry large textbooks, sometimes of over a thousand pages. We are also expected to use binders, folders, notebooks, and everyone has a school-provided iPad. Adding everything together, that makes a heavy stack of items to bring between classes. I also attend a large high school, which means that students have long distances to walk with their books. We also can only expect to get to our lockers once every few classes, so we’re carrying around materials from several courses at a time.

Santa Claus Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Christmas 2022 shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Longsleeve Tee White
Longsleeve Tee White

This heavy Santa Claus Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Christmas 2022 shirt. carrying is uncomfortable for students, particularly those with medical concerns. I have decent muscle mass, but still my biceps ache and my sides sometimes hurt from the in addition I really love this weight of holding my books to my body. I have bad shoulders, too, and the logistics of holding books by hand magnifies my daily pain. It has come to the point that the backpack ban is affecting our education. Not one person in my calculus class brings their textbook to class anymore, and the same thing happens all across the school. Most students have decided that the pain of carrying books is not worth the information inside. The best way to check if your skirt has the right length! is that If a man cannot see that You are not wearing panties or undies and are going commando then it mean you had chose the wrong length Try wearing a shorter skirt tomorrow remember our sole purpose of going out clubbing is wanting to tempt men to look at us And is looking to get laid and actually most of us can’t fucking dance and we are just moving our butt and bum like a sluttxually dancing with the music like a slut signaling to random men to touch and invite us out to the back alley for a smoke or rape us in the bathroom


  1. Mary McShea

    I love the quality of this hoodie.

  2. Bastian Bender

    Love this shirt! Fit as expected. I like my shirts a little loose.

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