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Spirit Halloween shirt .front of the  also I will do this then-Australian Parliament House to bring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land and justice back to the forefront of national debate. The term “embassy” was used to bring attention to the fact Aboriginal people had never ceded sovereignty nor engaged in any treaty process with the British Crown. To this day, the Embassy remains a site of protest for Indigenous land rights, sovereignty, and self-determination. In the intervening decades, the language we use to talk about January 26 has changed hugely. For at least the past 30 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have reclaimed the day as “Invasion Day” or “Survival Day” to highlight, promote and share the ongoing culture and survival of First Nations cultures through marches, protests, festivals, vigils, and memorials. While some argue that a push to change the date is divisive, the intent is actually to bring us closer together. Reconciliation is about

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  Spirit Halloween shirt .fostering better relationships so that we can build a just, equitable and more unified tomorrow. Reconciliation must be based on a foundation of trust, truth and honesty regarding our past. Expecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Peoples to ignore or look past the = also I will do this significance of Australia Day and what it has meant for them is simply inconsistent with reconciliation. Jetskis fly the Australian and Aboriginal flags during Australia Day celebrations in Sydney on January 26, 2021. To recognize and heal, action must be taken and changes made. A date change is as necessary as it is straightforward. So straightforward, in fact, we’ve done it several times in the past. Over the last century, there have been various dates celebrating “Australia Day,’ including on July 30 in 1915 as part of World War I fundraising efforts. It wasn’t until 1994 that January 26 became a national public holiday. While we cannot change history, we must address how we deal with this day in a respectful way. Australia is not alone in this. We watch with interest as Columbus Day, a day that celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas, is now being negotiated in the United States. A growing number of US states and cities have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, a holiday meant to honor the culture and history of the people living in the Americas both before and after Columbus’ arrival. In mainstream Australia, we’ve also seen this change unfolding. A growing number of local councils recognize January 26 is not a national holiday all Australians can celebrate. Companies are offering employees flexibility regarding working on January 26. And it doesn’t get more mainstream than when Cricket Australia removed the words, “Australia Day,” from branding cricket matches on that day. Reconciliation Australia’s bi-annual
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