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It strengthens it The Duke Of Death And His Maid shirt. It just makes it so clear. Our country, our society, we’re so focused on women’s bodies—on abortion, on regulating women, women, women, and totally ignoring this thing that would actually help, would actually work. It’s so clear that the Additionally,I will love this anti-abortion crowd doesn’t actually care. We’ve just seen it with Herschel Walker. They do not actually care if someone has an abortion that’s on their team or is their candidate. They just want to control women. The book makes that irrefutable: If someone wants there to be no abortions, great, we actually know how to reduce abortions. It’s not magic. It’s free and easily available birth control. It’s free vasectomies, it’s really excellent, age-appropriate sex ed at every grade level.

The Duke Of Death And His Maid shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

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Classic Men’s
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Classic Ladies
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Longsleeve Tee

I hope this book helps facilitate that conversation The Duke Of Death And His Maid shirt . I think a lot of this is just making them aware. Like, hey, women have been taking birth control, paying for birth control, dealing with the Additionally,I will love this side effects of birth control, and you haven’t had to worry about it, but you were enjoying the benefits of her work. If that birth control goes away or abortion goes away, which it already has in many states, that is going to affect you. So step up. Men can easily stop abortion without touching an abortion law, or even mentioning women, simply by ejaculating responsibly. [Men] are better positioned physically to prevent a pregnancy than any woman. You are the only person that gets to decide whether or not you release sperm. That is 100% on you as a man. We are not asking them to have a miserable sex life. We’re not asking them to do anything difficult in any way. There’s this one tiny thing they need to avoid. Do not let your sperm get by an egg.This interview has been edited and condensed.


  1. Michael Green

    I once endlessly wore The Mountain Co Fairy T shirts. This is my 1st in several years along with 2 other, The Reader & Spell Time which both feature cats with tarot cards or spellwork items. This Fairy is stunning & colors are vibrant. Still the awesome quality they always were! Fits perfectly although these Ts do tend to run a tad long to show the designs! Perfect medium!

  2. Kaye Lynn Hall

    good product !!

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