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That’s the goose from The Jackets Are Why I Drink Shirt . “Untitled Goose Game” since no one’s giving you a real answer. It was a surprise hit released on the Switch this year where you terrorize a small English village as a goose with no regard for property rights. It should be available for PC on Steam sometime this year. 10 out of 10, would recommend honking all of your frustrations away. The alt take for Minnesota beating PSU actually triggered me way more than the one you ended up going with. All of these are an. Just to piggyback on this post, r/FCS doesn’t do nearly as many vandalisms throughout the year.

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These little logos are one of my favorite things about the sub The Jackets Are Why I Drink Shirt . Thank you to everyone who makes them and helps brighten up my days a little more. Making a Michigan-OSU one is a big old waste of time, especially when that time could have been better spent making an OSU-PSU one. The link for Wyoming beating Georgia State in the. Not at the end of the world, I was just too drunk/hungover after the game to see the banner updated, so if it could be fixed, it would be awesome! Why would you bother creating one for Wisconsin beats Oregon? That would mean Wisconsin won the Rose Bowl which isn’t allowed to happen when they don’t play UCLA. I hope Oregon makes the banner to start next season, and NDSU pulls off the upset. And I trust that Bakony has something in mind. I like how the “Army beats Michigan” one slyly adds extra insult by using the. Why won’t that thing go away, split-block M. Looking at the missing week 14 entry, A&M’s SoS was so tough they couldn’t even get the imaginary wins this year.
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