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Scio and Reichert were The Vivienne Rupaul’s Drag Race shirt . talking through their plans for an elevated. down-to-earth Il Pellicano–Birk life last week. The nuts and bolts (or the cork footbeds and deluxe uppers) of it are limited editions of the two-strap Arizona template: two basket-woven raffia shades for day; a yellow-ochre suede; and then black or red and pink satin, with piped edges for something dressier.Perfect timing for the opening of the season at the hotel with a ’60s-moderne, jet-set locale, which causes gasping fashion-holiday envy all across Instagram. To look out over the steep garden terraces of a resort once captured in all its sparkling glamour by Slim Aarons is to realize how smart a solution this collaboration is for a terrain where flat shoes are as imperative as the unwritten code of sophistication.

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The Vivienne Rupaul’s Drag Race shirt Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
The Vivienne Rupaul’s Drag Race shirt Long Sleeved T-shirt
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The Vivienne Rupaul’s Drag Race shirt Unisex Sweatshirt
Unisex Sweatshirt
The Vivienne Rupaul’s Drag Race shirt Unisex Hoodie
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Hard to get to, hidden away on the rocky Tuscan coast, this is a haven of relaxation where, among the tanned bodies and yellow-and-white-striped sun beds and umbrellas, you would not want to be seen making a sartorial misstep The Vivienne Rupaul’s Drag Race shirt .“I’ve worn Birks for 20 years,” says Sciò, a design-savvy architect alum from the Rhode Island School of Design who was brought up running around Il Pellicano after her parents bought the hotel, in the ’80s. “Sometimes my friends would look at me and sort of, eww,” she laughs. “But now they all want them.”Well, choosing the right moment is everything in fashion, but these days, it’s also about the art of being choosy about your companions. This is to paraphrase the philosophy of the outspoken latter-day viking who strides from German factory to front row in his fiercely hairy Rick Owens X Birkenstocks, the man who has put his immense shoulders into powering a newly booming Birkenstock renaissance. Reichert bristles at any description of joining up with Il Pellicano as a foray into luxury feminine fashion. “I think that fashion is too narrow for this,” he says. “For us, it’s function and quality.”
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2 reviews for The Vivienne Rupaul’s Drag Race shirt

  1. Luke Ross

    exactly what i want

  2. Bastian Bender

    super chemise – très beau tissu – mon mari est ravi

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