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Wardlow Wardlow’s World shirt . Next weekend the In addition,I will do this film will vie for the Academy Award for best international feature, with Vinterberg a dark-horse contender for best director. (In the delightful video of his wild-eyed, body-jerking shock at hearing his name announced, it’s clear exactly which profanity he exclaims even if you watch on mute.) The 51-year-old filmmaker toasted his nominations with “Champagne, coffee, and great cheese,” he says, followed by an exhausting barrage of interviews. After all, he’s the first Danish director to receive an Oscar nod. Yes, in lockdown we can still get drunk (and indeed many of us have). But the film captures our collective yearning for conviviality—the good ole pre-COVID days of inebriated carousing with friends and strangers, laughing and singing in each other’s faces in un-socially distanced ecstasy.

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Another Round is ostensibly an ode to the In addition,I will do this joys and perils of drinking to excess, but it’s actually a cri de coeur to be jolted out of one’s status quo stupor, no matter the stimulant Wardlow Wardlow’s World shirt . “I hope this film is in contact with a deeper conversation than just how much or how to drink,” Vinterberg says via videoconference from his home in Copenhagen. “It’s a battle against being measured, being valued, being graded, being evaluated, and living a very controlled life. Human life has become very much about achieving results and being measured in the right way: There’s grades at school or the number of clicks that you will or won’t get on your article. But there’s also the evaluations you get from your friends and colleagues on social media many times a day.”
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    Хороший товар, буду брать еще


    packaging was good,fabric was good, fits perfectly and it arrived a lil sooner than expected!

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