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We The Fringe Shirt . At what point will this nation, especially the Republicans, stop bowing down and cowering in fear to a man that has proven over and over he has no respect for the constitution and if he could have accomplished it, would have overthrown congress and destroyed our republic? Remember, this is the same man that stated on the record that the US should have a “president for life” and he said he would be a good one. He is the one that spent four years alienating our allies while at the same time trying to build new Allie’s with our enemies, those that have sworn to destroy us.

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Biden is a creature of graft and government We The Fringe Shirt . He does not understand how the private market works, nor do the people he has surrounded himself with. They will continue to press for more and more government to “fix” the economy…..which is driven by the private market. In doing so they will continue to add more government induced market distortions which drive prices higher, drive the value of the dollar lower, drive supply downward. And they will blame the private marketFor example, the US has a huge amount of debt and a world currency, and that has impacts on millions of smaller decisions. No president can change the debt load significantly and nobody wants the dollar to not be a world currency. It’s not a question of visibility. You can track the behavior of the economy or foreign affairs if you have the time or interest. Investors sure do, as do lobbyists or politicians. People make fortunes predicting orange juice futures. You can too—if you want to.
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    Nice outfit. Fit and superb material


    I once endlessly wore The Mountain Co Fairy T shirts. This is my 1st in several years along with 2 other, The Reader & Spell Time which both feature cats with tarot cards or spellwork items. This Fairy is stunning & colors are vibrant. Still the awesome quality they always were! Fits perfectly although these Ts do tend to run a tad long to show the designs! Perfect medium!

  3. Luke Ross

    Gut gefällt mir

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