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My heart breaks Will You Shut Up Man shirt .for you and your family. She was an absolute beauty! I’m so glad you were able to have her and give her the life she deserved. She is in puppy heaven waiting patiently for more pets and kisses from her people. They all fought over who was going to take her home with them. She is greatly missed. I’m so sorry. She looks like such a sweet girl and I bet she is up in heaven chasing tennis balls and dining at an all you can eat cheese and meat buffet. Lots of love to you and your family. I am so sorry for the devastating loss of your baby. I am hugging mine right now. Bless your hearts. I had to stop writing for a minute, as I am crying for you.

Will You Shut Up Man shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Will You Shut Up Man  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Will You Shut Up Man  Hoodie
Will You Shut Up Man  Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
Will You Shut Up Man  Sweatshirt
Will You Shut Up Man  Unisex
I have a couple of senior pibbles one turns 13 in a <a href="https://warmtees Will You Shut Up Man shirt .com/product/the-golden-girl-chibi-thank-you-for-being-a-friend-shirt”>couple of weeks, and  this post & all the comments are just forcing torrents of tears out of my eyes. So much love it’s so devastating yet beautiful. I’m sure they do poor little puppies. When I was ready for my first dog as an adult, I went to the shelter with the mindset “I’m cool with pretty much anything as long as it’s not a pit bull or chihuahua”. Now we have 2 of each (and the little ones absolutely run the show).Our oldest chihuahua is OBSESSED with our oldest pittie… He follows him around constantly & chases away the other dogs when they get too close to his big brother’s food or  snacks or toys. He even goes as far as to steal toys/treats from the other dogs (we also have a standard poodle in the mix so 5 total) and bring them to his big bro. I LOVE the relationships between pibbles & chihuahuas, never gets old and ALWAYS adorable.
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