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I really don’t think Will You Shut Up Man shirt . the basic idea of Luke being in hiding is bad. If you have an interesting and believable reason for it. TLJ artbook describes how the ‘Luke in hiding at the first Jedi Temple’ plot point originally came from George. Who also intended to have Rey find Luke to be trained. The difference was Luke would be introduced much earlier in his. I think if they had explained why Luke was so important. Which as you described they failed to do entirely, then it could have worked. Then on top of that, at some point in either Episode 7 or 8. You need to give a reason why he is in hiding which doesn’t entirely ruin his character. I remember that RJ wanted JJ to change the ending scene from Luke meditating.

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So, without RJ, there still would’ve been a chance to provide a good explanation Will You Shut Up Man shirt . Exactly. People give TFA a bad wrap for killing the accomplishments of the OT. But it has nothing on TLJ in my opinion. Rian Johnson had everything in his hands beside Han, who was already killed in TFA. RJ didn’t have to portray Luke the way he did. Yes, JJ may have helped set certain things up. But I really don’t think he intended for the . People talk about TFA destroying the New Republic too, but realistically it didn’t have to be the end. Just because Starkiller Base blew up the capital, you don’t have to forget the whole thing entirely in the next movie. Just one of the glaring disconnects between these two movies. Rian’s story was not JJ’s story. Neither are great SW, but I know which one I prefer and it’s not even close. These posts appear to let Rian off the hook by laying all the blame on JJ and acting like Rian was written into a corner. He wasn’t at all, he didn’t even meet JJ until after he wrote TLJ. The ending to A New Hope was earned. Luke and Han earned those medals by putting their lives on the line to bring the Rebellion the, and then destroying the Death Star. The ending to The Force Awakens is fan service. Rey meets Luke because the production team had teased the world about Luke’s return for three years.
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