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I actually disagree Will You Shut Up Man shirt . with superior spiderman. Now before his rework, I never even knew Octopus’s skill set. But after he got reworked, my gosh I never have his uniform on, he is much better without it. More like a B or C tier to me, but that’s just my opinion. It’s still better, Superior Spiderman has cc, which is significantly better against a. It also has multiple I-frames and accessible damage proc if you have a high dodge rate. His skills outside of his skills 4 and 5 without uni is also very lackluster. Plus, his uniform requires him to “dodge” attacks for it to proc, but he can never dodge if the enemies are always CC. And I have the same problem with his 5th skill never hitting anyone.

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Plus, but Superior’s damage feels a lot lower than Octopus Will You Shut Up Man shirt . There’s a bit of a playstyle needed for it, my nonuniform fastest clear time was 1:24 and with uni, it was 51 seconds, because of their high damage defense seems very ineffectual. But he is useful without the uniform, so it’s not a must-have anymore. I find the quickest way to improve his . The skill looks very nice but it’s as slow as cold molasses and does very low damage. His summons and 4 skill are his high damage skills. The physical defense doesn’t really help much against the SL bosses. I use the webs after I send the summons, the shock after effect keeps them in place long enough. The nonuniform skill 5 is a better attack but the damage from his uniform makes up for that, his uniform changes him to more of a glass cannon but I find the damage worth it. Not really. I find it easy to chain and unlock my opponents. A good stun and a physical defense buff are great. And the defense debuff is great for speed relays. I tried him without uni there, A13’s multi-hit skills took out his shield pretty quick, had to focus on attacking her. When Gamora’s bleed took got the better of me, Spideoc couldn’t solo either, they kept running away from his I-frames. I threw Venom in the mix, was able to beat it. Tried nonuni doc too, Venom helped there too.
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