The Flash 5 bold predictions for DC’s upcoming hit

The Flash 5 bold predictions for DC’s upcoming hit

The Flash 5 bold predictions for DC’s upcoming hit

The Flash 5 bold predictions for DC’s upcoming hit
The Flash 5 bold predictions for DC’s upcoming hit

The Flash is coming out soon, and this upcoming DC film is already shaping to be a big hit. Even with all the troubles surrounding Ezra Miller, the movie’s multiversal premise and the positive reaction from early screenings are making everyone eager to catch it. But with some time before the film hits, there’s bound to be some details fans hope will come true about The Flash. We take a look below at the boldest predictions from this DC film.
5 bold Predictions for DC’s The Flash
5. Barry’s universe-bending journey to the past

In a nutshell, the entire premise of The Flash is Barry Allen’s desire to save his mother in the past and inadvertently creating a new timeline in the process. The question is here is how does Ezra Miller’s character get to the point of desperation and does the impossible to save his family. Enter Ben Affleck’s Batman.
As seen in the trailers, Affleck’s version of the Dark Knight will appear in The Flash. And while it isn’t known what kind of part he’ll play or how he’ll work alongside Miller’s Barry Allen, the DC star will certainly influence the younger hero to save his mother, one way or another. This will kickstart the whole gist of the film and cause Barry to create an alternate timeline, one where there’s no Kal-El to fight Zod and his invading Kryptonian forces. It’s safe to say that the film’s first half will deal with this premise and explain the entire thing to its viewers.

4. Sasha Calle will kill it as Supergirl

Speaking of Kal-El, it’s a shame Henry Cavill’s Superman won’t be appearing in The Flash. Even though the source material in the comics went with a thinner version of Kal-El in Flashpoint, the movie is going toward a different direction with Sasha Calle’s Supergirl.

In The Flash, the captured Kryptonian the two Barry Allens and Michael Keaton’s Batman must rescue is no other than Kara Zor-El. While the initial news of the casting caused a backlash amongst fans, the trailers justified this change from the comics. It’s expected that Calle’s Supergirl is going to be a pleasant surprise and garner a lot of positive reactions from viewers when The Flash hits theaters everywhere.

3. The battle with Zod will make jaws drop

With no Kal-El stopping Zod’s invasion of earth, it seems that the two Barry Allens, Supergirl, and Michael Keaton’s Batman are the only people left to defend the planet. And while that won’t look good for human beings due to the odds being stacked against Team Flash, the ensuing battle between the two sides is going to be nothing but epic.

With what little is seen in the trailers, it’s expected that the battle shown in The Flash will be a lot more jaw-dropping. Add the fact that Barry can travel through time at will, and there’ll be some potential for him to go back to the past over and over again to prevent his comrades from dying at the Kryptonians’ hands. If that happens, the viewers’ minds will certainly be blown away by this possible scene.

2. Eye-popping cameos from all over the DC Multiverse

If ever there’s a DC film where every possible star or character can cameo, it’s definitely going to be The Flash. Word on the street is that at some point in the movie, Barry will traverse the timestream and see glimpses of other DC heroes from years past, including the likes of Nicholas Cage as Superman and George Clooney as Batman. These two are just some of the possible names that can appear in the movie, but there can be a whole lot more. It remains to be seen in a couple of days whether this can happen or not. What’s certain, though, is that DC fans will be surprised if this prediction will come true.

1. A new DC cinematic universe

In DC’s Flashpoint, the comic crossover event ended with Barry Allen resetting the universe and creating a new one after trying to save his mother. It’s safe to say that the DC cinematic universe’s upcoming hit will end in a similar manner.

There’s already word on the street that The Flash’s ending will erase major DCEU heroes from existence, which can possibly lead to a new cinematic universe becoming a reality. It makes sense too because with James Gunn and Peter Safran co-leading DC Studios, the Snyderverse is essentially dead and a new direction is going to replace it sooner than later. Thanks to The Flash, it’s only a matter of time before the new DC universe can come up with something new and refreshing for fans. Until then, better reserve your seats so you can see if these predictions will come true in The Flash.

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